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Our foundation removes financial barriers to restorative educational opportunities and supports the implementation of restorative solutions in communities around the world. The foundation and its consortium of organizations appreciate all charitable gifts, great and small. Please consider the many ways that you can support our efforts and change the way human beings interact with one another, to make a better future for generations to come.

Using Restorative Practices Circles
in Latin America

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Support Central America’s Children and Families

Everyday people are preventing the kind of violence and conflict that have plagued Central America for generations. They’re doing it by building better relationships.

Innovative local leaders are making this happen, in disadvantaged neighborhoods of El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, through restorative practices.

Energize their essential work by helping them take an active part in the first IIRP Latinoamérica Conference.

Donate to the Strachan and Restorative Practices Foundation Scholarship Fund

Enable these dedicated leaders to:

  • Build health clinics in rural Nicaragua, engaging the community to address conflict.
  • Enhance relationships among women and families in Costa Rica’s slums.
  • Reduce violence and involve communities in El Salvador’s schools.

At the IIRP Latinoamérica Conference they will:

  • Strengthen their work by learning from an international network of restorative practitioners and researchers.
  • Build knowledge of their achievements with colleagues from around the world.
  • Galvanize their programs by learning to work in more participatory and empowering ways.

The Restorative Practices Foundation, in the U.S., is partnering with Strachan Foundation, in Central America, to raise $10,000 to fund Strachan Foundation grantees to attend the IIRP Latinoamérica Conference in Costa Rica this June.

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The International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School teaches professionals how to implement effective restorative solutions to complex social problems in schools, communities, social care and criminal justice settings. By giving to the Restorative Practices Foundation you are investing in students who are committed to changing the world.

The Restorative Practices Foundation has established the “Pay-It-Forward Scholarship” to ensure that funds will always be available for IIRP students who need them. Students who accept Pay-It-Forward scholarships agree to replenish the pool of funds for future students, as circumstances allow.

Your gift to the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship fund will be repaid many times over, supporting IIRP students in their graduate studies and empowering them for years to come to employ restorative practices, benefitting youth, families and communities worldwide.

As a newly accredited graduate school, without interest from an endowment, operating profits from a dining hall, residential hall or fancy bookstore, we rely on gifts to the Annual Fund to fill the gaps between our income and expenses.

Your annual contribution assures that we will continue to advance the education of professionals at the graduate level and conduct the research needed to develop the field of restorative practices. Together we will realize the promise of this growing social movement in reducing crime and violence, improving relationships and strengthening civil society.

The Community Service Foundation and Buxmont Academy (CSF Buxmont) has helped tens of thousands of delinquent and at-risk youth and their families for more than three decades.

At CSF Buxmont we believe that all young people are capable of change and growth, and we won’t give up on them. Our programs focus not just on academic mastery, but also on social and emotional support that builds young people’s connections with their families and communities. Our goal is to return youth to their home setting as quickly as possible.

What’s more, research has shown that youth in CSF Buxmont programs improve significantly in terms of behavior, social values and self-esteem.

All CSF Buxmont schools, foster care and other youth services are model programs of the International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School. And all CSF Buxmont programs employ restorative practices, providing high support and high accountability for youth and engaging them to take charge of their lives.

With a gap between state funding and what families can afford, your support allows us to provide students in need with crucial services, including tutoring, counseling and life-skills training, as well as extracurricular and sports activities.

The Middle Earth and the Shawn Suzch scholarships provide inspiration and support for students who obtain high school diplomas from CSF Buxmont, contributing funds toward tuition and books for higher education.

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Restorative Works
The Restorative Works learning network, a project of the Foundation, is helping people become more knowledgeable and proficient in restorative practices. Learn more about applications of restorative practices at

Download Restorative Works 2015 (PDF), the annual publication of the Restorative Practices Foundation.

IIRP Latinoamérica

El Salvador ChildrenPhoto courtesy of Glasswing International.

Si Lewen Art Museum

Deeply moved by the work of the IIRP, renowned artist Si Lewen, then 87 years old, donated the majority of his life’s artwork to endow the IIRP Graduate School in 2006.

Si Lewen Art Museum